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The Office

Vergouw Advocatuur -VA Lawfirm- is located in a stately building on the Zijpendaalseweg in Arnhem, situated in a clientfriendly neighbourhood with a business atmosphere and the prestigious Sonsbeek Park right across the office. Our working area: The Netherlands

Our secretary's office will be very pleased to receive you and make an appointment. You can also contact us first by telephone or send us an E-mail or contactform, stating your legal question.

mr. drs. G.M. Vergouw

Your Attorney!

Refugee Law and Immigration

As a member of WRV (Organization for Legal Assistance to Refugee's),

VA is specialized in Refugee Law and specialized procedures of Regular Immigration Law.

Criminal Law

Are you being suspected of a criminal act or have you been convicted and you would like to appeal?

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If you have any questions or if you would like legal assistance.